• EVV kickoff took place in Spring 2018.
  • Oregon modified its existing electronic timesheet/billing system, eXPRS, to capture EVV information.
  • State began a pilot project in February 2019.
  • The State chose a closed model; State Choice Model (the state Medicaid authority selects one or two approved vendors).
  • The statewide roll-out of EVV is July 16, 2019. All PSWs providing the services of Attendant Care, Attendant Care 2:1 staff, Daily Relief Care, State Plan Personal Care, will be required to use EVV for dates they work starting July 16.There will be a change to the eXPRS payment system which they are calling eXPRS Mobile-EVV for PSWs. ODDS is currently working with a provider agency to test the upload process for EVV data. Information for agencies regarding eXPRS Mobile-EVV will be available fall 2019. This change will not impact individuals’ services.
  • Oregon received approval for Good Faith Effort Exemption on December 5, 2019.


  • Which types of Medicaid options are personal care covered by?
    • 1905(a) State Plan
    • 1915(c)
    • 1915(k)
  • Is MLTSS operational?
    • No
  • Any self-directed programs?
    • Yes
  • If yes, joint-employment relationship?


  • eXPRS: captures a lot of the information required by the 21st Century Cures Act. However, there are limitations to eXPRS which are not currently meeting the EVV requirements. The latest news suggests that they plan to build upon what eXPRS already has in place to meet the federal requirements.



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