• EVV was successfully implemented for HCBS direct-care services delivered outside of the home on March 1, 2016 through the prior authorization data contractor, Statistical Resources, Inc. These services include the center-based, vocational and transportation services.
  • The web-based EVV solution for these services is accessed and utilized from any device that is able to access the internet including PCs, smart phones and tablets of all types and carriers. This solution allows the State to detect when two providers claim to provide services to the same client at the same time. While center-based services account for less than 13% of all services, they are involved in 97% of all client overlapping incidents.
  • Louisiana’s EVV system is part of the Louisiana Service Reporting System (LaSRS) operated by the state’s data and prior authorization contractor Statistical Resources, Inc. (SRI).
  • Louisiana received approval for Good Faith Effort Exemption on December 2, 2019.


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  • LDH is in the process of implementing its EVV system with in-home providers. EVV is being implemented through a regional phase-in process across the state. By using a phased approach, LDH is able to collect practical feedback from participating providers that may be used to address any system or usability issues as they are identified. This has been helpful in facilitating a smooth transition to EVV and the statewide transition is expected to be completed by March 2018


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